a family of
River City Clowns
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Learning about the White Face and trying it on.  Scroll over to see our white faces.
According to Smiles Unlimited -
The Whiteface clown is the top of the
clowning order.  This clown is very
smart and always in charge of any
situation.  The whiteface is the most
elegant in costume and make up.  
They can use sequins, rhinestones,
ruffles, beads and shiny theatrical
fabrics on their costume.  Their
costumes are matching and elegant.

See why I didn't pick this one, I'm not
all that fancy, lol.  
Trying on the Auguste for the first time, scroll over pics for more pics:
Photos from Clown School
There we learned about the different clowns, their characteristics and then decided what clown we should be.
According to Smiles Unlimited -
The Auguste clown is the 2nd clown in the
hierarchy of clowns.  The face design is
complimented by the bright colors of the
costume and wig that they wear.  The auguste
is the one that the white face sets up and plays
tricks on.  They have an out-going personality.  

This is the one that Anthony and I chose.
Trying on the Tramp, Hobo, and Bag Lady.  Scroll over to see our hobo faces.
Here we are, new baby clowns,
our date of birth is March 15,

This started as a senior project
for our oldest daughter but as
you can see we all decided to get

It has turned out to be a great
project for the whole family.  

We look forward to our other
children taking an interest to
become clowns and we will be a
big happy clown family.

THANK YOU AMY! for allowing us
into your project.


The Smiles Unlimited tramp, hobo and bag
lady are the 3rd character in the hierarchy
of clowns.   This character gets tricks
played on them by the white face and the
auguste clowns and any time there is a
mess to be cleaned this clown becomes the
clean up crew.  The face is flesh color with
white eyes and mouth.  The tramp/hobo
has a black beard adn mustache and on
the neck is black to symbolize coal dust
from riding freight trains.  They have red
and a few black spots to show a weathered
look.  They are only allowed grey, black,
brown or white for wig colors.  
The hobo is a step above the tramp and
has a neater arrangement of patches.  
Petals the
loves to

She wears
flowers on her
hat and flowers
on her shoes.
Jolie the Clown
Her name
means pretty in

And we agree,
she is the
prettiest bag
lady we've ever
BeBo the
wears a big
yellow bow.

He's very
handsome in
his green tails,
don't you think!
Some famous white face clowns you
may have heard of:
Bozo the Clown
"Prince Paul" Alpert
Felix Adler
and of course - Ronald McDonald
Some Auguste clowns that you may
have heard of :
Lou Jacobs
Roy "Cooky" Brown
"Buttons" McBryde
Some Hobo/Tramp clowns you may have
heard of:
Don Burda - Homer the Happy Hobo
Red Skelton - Freddie the Freeloader
Emmett Kelly
Mark Anthony
To learn more about
famous clowns, just do a
search for "famous
clowns" there's all sorts of
information out there.
Graduation - March 15, 2008
Here we are doing skits
with the other graduating
This was the actual
At the Commissioning
the class of 2008
receiving our
exploding chair
candy store
thank you skit
radio test
scroll down
for pics of
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